Miro: a new kid on the block

Kasım 19, 2007 at 3:24 PM (howto, miro, podcast, tv show, youtube)

If you’re thinking “RSS is for geeks” then you’re just wrong. Every geek toy can be transformed into something useful. Miro is a proof for this. I’m going to mention a few tricks how to turn what-the-hell-is-that-i-don’t-care RSS’s into that’s-pretty-cool RSS’s.

First of all, the installation: just open up add/remove programs or synaptic package manager and install or type this in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install miro

When you start the program you should see something similar to this:

Main Miro window

The aim for using Miro is that; if there is a video feed somewhere on the web, you can add them for Miro to download them automatically when the list is refreshed. Three things i could think of are tv shows downloadable via torrent (do not use this for your illegal purposes :)), youtube channels and video podcasts. As Miro has an embedded bittorrent client, it can download torrent files automatically, too.

First thing’s first, let’s explain how to download your favorite (and legal) tv shows. First we should find a website which keeps track of torrent files as an RSS file. tvRSS is a well-organized one. Under the shows page, find your tv show and click on the link. You will see a button like this, on top of the page:
Search based RSS link
right-click on the link and select “copy location”. From Miro’s channels menu, select add channel or hit ctrl+n. Paste the link in the textbox (it should be pasted automatically but always good to be on the safe side) and click OK.

Save dialog

It should automatically fetch the RSS and start downloading the latest episode.

Starting download

You can right-click on that file and change it’s name to whatever you like.

The second useful thing to do with Miro is adding your subscribed or favorite youtube channels. Let’s say the channel’s name is “atomkarinca”, this is the link you should add through “add channel”: http://www.youtube.com/rss/user/atomkarinca/videos.rss. Sadly you cannot stream these videos but the good thing is you can keep them on your harddrive and watch them again later.

The last one is video podcasts. This is just like adding youtube channels, you just paste the link of the podcast. You can even find cool podcasts on Miro. This is one of them: Ask a Ninja.

You can add a new folder hitting shift+ctrl+n and organize your videos with those folders.

Cool, eh?


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