Why I switched back from Gnome to KDE

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This is not a sequel to “Why I switched back from Ubuntu to Fedora“. However they’re connected in a way. By the way, I installed Arch Linux on my machine one week after that post. But first thing’s first, why did I switch to KDE?

The first and most important reason that led me to KDE was that it’s caught up with version 3.5 now, feature-wise. I loved the responsiveness of KDE 3.5 but compared to Gnome, it looked horrible. This was the only reason I didn’t use KDE 3.5 that much. Now that it looks and works amazing (even with the compositing turned off), I’ve started using it full-time.

Second, most Qt applications work and look better that their GTK alternatives. Let me give a couple of examples: Amarok vs. Rhythmbox, SMPlayer vs. GMPlayer(?), Skanlite vs. XSane, Okular vs. Evince, Blogilo (formerly Bilbo) vs. Drivel, Qwit vs. Gwibber, K3b vs. Gnomebaker, and the list goes on.

Finally, and it’s not that important since it’s still in the planning/gossip state, there’s serious effort going in the Mono/C# way. I have expressed how I felt about Mono in my aformentioned post, I don’t want to go into the details again. I will not use Gnome again until I see developers saying something like “We will not make Gnome 3.x -or 2.x for that matter- Mono dependent” and I will advise anyone I know using Linux to switch to KDE, Enlightenment or even *box’es.

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