“How can I help Free Software?”

Ocak 28, 2011 at 8:48 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

Free Software is great. And the biggest advantage of it is being dependent on actual individuals. And this is where you come into play:

1. Use it

It’s that easy: just use it. While installing (or compiling) you may run into errors. You may run into bugs while using the software. Report them to the developers. Every software developer needs specific information with that bug report. Don’t worry, they will guide you through it. You may even submit feature requests.

2. Translate it

If you can speak any other language than English (in may case, Turkish) translate the software. There are very good translation softwares to use, like Poedit and Qt Linguist. That way you will be helping the software to be more reachable for people speaking that language.

3. Create tutorials

If you got hold of the software, you can contribute to the wiki of that software, put together a blog post, or even record a video explaining the software. You can also CC Licence it in the spirit of Free Software.

4. Code

You can learn a programming language and contribute to the code. For example C++ and Python are very straightforward and easy-to-learn languages. You can even learn GTK+ or Qt and start GUI programming.

Alright, what have we learned so far? You don’t have to be a full-time hacker to help Free Software. Even only by using the software you will be of a lot of help.


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