Nouveau Update

Eylül 4, 2010 at 7:35 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I have been using Nouveau drivers for a long time now (almost a year). This is kind of a sequel to Nouveau: The Libré nVidia Drivers. To my experience, Nouveau has come a long way. I have two proofs for this and both are about the 3-D support.

First one is compositing. I’m using Openbox so I don’t care much for about Compiz (or KWin for that matter). I like simple compositing just enough so I can use Avant Window Navigotor. I had been using xcompmgr since I discovered Cairo Composite Manager. It can be used along-side Openbox and it has cool effects. What I should tell you is that it’s working great with Nouveau. So I’m marking it DONE.

The second one is the OpenGL games. I like playing games every now and then. Most of the time I play XMoto and it’s based on SDL. Like Battle for Wesnoth, Frozen Bubble and many other SDL games, Nouveau doesn’t have a problem running them. Yet again what I should tell you is that it’s also working great with Tremulous, Urban Terror, Smokin’ Guns, AssaultCube, Glest and Warzone 2100.

I should also add that HDMI and VGA outputs are working without a hitch here. I’m enjoying HD (720p) movies with my Epson projector.

I think this is great and a big Congratulations! from me to the developers of this great project.


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